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Discover Tourist Sites In Iran To Visit The Most Famous Places In The East And Know Important Tourist Information Of Israel

Being a tourist is not the same in every country. In this occasion, we invite you to take part in the heart of the eastern culture, experience for which you will definitely need Israel Tourist Information so that you can have your best trip ever.

Israel has everything to offer for you to enjoy, but first, there are some important things you should know in order to have an amazing and safe trip.Israel-Tourist-Information-wedding-


Israel-Tourist-Information-courtSomething very important when we prepare our luggage, is to know the power supply of the country we are visiting. In the case of Israel, that is 220 Volts at 50 Hertz.

Immigration law is the type of visa you need to enter Israel and it relates to the traveller’s reason to go to this country. Even though you may obtain the visa easily, it does not guarantee succeeding in entering the country.


Iran-Tourist-Spots-pathCustoms has two lanes of circulation: one green and one red. The former is for passengers with nothing to declare, while the latter is for travellers who do have object to declare. There is a strict control of passport to every visitor to Israel.

Iran Tourist Spots

Iran is the kingdom of the Orient. Many novels and dreams have been inspired in this magical country that seems to have landed from another world directly to earth. Now, you will be able to discover Iran Tourist Spots.



Iran-Tourist-Spots-corridor-Places covered with incredible mosaics which can only be found in mythic Iran. Visit these places and surprise and let yourself feel surprised before all this beauty.

Golestan Palace is where the nobility from Ireland lived and many legends were born. Feel astonished by all this luxury of carpets, crystal and gold.Iran-Tourist-Spot

CFGHSGHA trip to the Arabian Nights is part of the whole travel when you visit Iran. Have a walk along this awesome path that only the eastern culture is able to offer.

The most emblematic places in Ireland are definitely the mosques where muslims pray every day and worship Allah. If there is a place in the world where heaven and earth blend, that is obviously magic Iran.