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Celebrate Your Fifteenth Birthday Party

How to Dress If you are Having your Fifteenth Birthday Party in Chicago. Chicago is the city to have fun and to have fun, you need to dare to dress in an audacious way. Bored and tired of being treated like a little girl? Show the attractive young lady that lives in you!

Striking from all the possible points of view you may see it, this fantastic design is waiting to be worn by you right now! With an Anna Karenina style… but much more daring, this big puffy red design that set your shoulders free will make you look wonderful.



Quinceanera-pink-dresses-whiteA contrast in cool colours is what a girl who knows what she wants will choose to show on her first big day of her life. Blondies have their place in Chicago with the perfect blend of violet, purple and pink… speechless!



Quinceanera-pink-dresses-barbieBecause Chicago is Chicago, a classical doll like dress looks different in this city full of lights. If this is your style, don’t hesitate!

quinceanera-pink-dressesHave fun in Chicago with the most colourful dresses, or exhibiting your everlasting classical style

Quinceanera Pink DRESSES 

In order to have a princess look at your party, you will need to choose among the Quinceanera Pink DRESSES the one with the most suitable design for your body.


Quinceanera-Dresses-Chicago-RedSometimes, looking at the dress on a Barbie is a very good idea to project the image you want to give. So, take all your dolls out of the cupboard and start DRESSING them!



Quinceanera-Dresses-Chicago-ClassicalRoses can’t be absent from a pink DRESS; find the place where to put a beautiful pink rose as the most IMPORTANT detail of the dress. Pink has several tones, choose the one that best fits your skin, such as this very pale one if you’ve got really fair skin.


Quinceanera-Dresses-ChicagoFor girls with olive skin, this salmon and white dress with sparkling details on the corset is the smartest choice.

When the DRESS is pompous and ethereal, but lack of small details, a matching flower in your hair will make you look just as you want to. Which of these pink DRESSES are you going to wear?

11th Birthday Party Ideas

This is when your child is not a kid anymore, but still not a teenager, so maybe it is difficult for you to figure out what she or he wants a party to be, but believe me, it is not as difficult as it seems. Here you can see some 11th birthday party ideas that will help you to make an idea.

You want to keep it simple, it is a great idea to make an outdoors party with grill or hot dogs and candies, food is very IMPORTANT and it can’t lack.






Maybe you can make a pool party or games like treasure haunting with a cool prize, like a CD of your kid’s favorite band or artists (mostly their friends like the same).

And of course, you can’t forget music! If you don’t know which kind of music to turn on you can ask your kid or tune in a hits radio station.

Second birthday party ideas

At this age your kid has still has a lot of things to learn, he is still discovering and growing up and still doesn’t know how to socialize in a world that still seems so big to him or her. Here you will find some tips for an ideal second birthday party ideas.






When your child is two still doesn’t know how share things and his or her humor may vary from one moment to another, that’s why at this time is better to have a small party with few guests. }

Nevertheless, you can make some games to make your kid and his/her friends have fun, like dancing, blowing bubbles, making an obstacle course, etc. Thematic food that has to do with the party is a cute touch.

We Brought You The Best Birthday Party Ideas

Parties are so much fun and they can be very simple but at the same time you can enjoy it a lot, it depends on your personality, if you have a lot or a few friends and what do you like to do most of the time, nevertheless there are some tips that will guarantee that you will have the best birthday party ideas.

First of all, the food, you can choose between small snacks or a dinner for your guests. Music is also very IMPORTANT, you can make a playlist with a little bit of anticipation so you’re not going to be pass to the next song every five minutes. Also, choose several types of drinks so people can choose their favorite.



best-birthday-party-ideasUse many balloons, like really MANY balloons… People always makes parties for themselves, why not to make one for your pet?



60th-birthday-party-5Classify beers for a fancy look A party made for kids, they will have a ball If you liked this post please keep visiting our blog or share it with your friends so they can have awesome party ideas too.

Birthday party ideas

You have come to a point in life where you can be proud remembering all the things you have lived through so many years, all that experiences and memories that come to your mind is something you have to celebrate with this great 60 birthday party ideas.



60th-birthday-party-3Maybe you only want to have a relaxed party with your closets friends, the ones you have conserved through the years.


60th-birthday-party-1Make a cool music compilation that remind you your best moments, or ask that music lover friend to do it for you. You can make and easy and beautiful decoration hanging pictures and newspaper trimmings with news that marked you all over the room, it can be nostalgic or bring laughs between your friends.



And what better way to celebrate then with The Beatles? If you liked this post please share it with your friends on your social networks

Check These Good Party Ideas

A party van be made for no reason at all or to celebrate a special event, anyway, the matter is to have a great time with your closest friends and/or family and with these good party ideas you will sure have it.

It is great to have parties with a theme, it gives it a special atmosphere and it is simply funny. Costume parties are great and classic, they can be free style or with a specific topic, like horror, famous movies, singers, etc.


good-party-ideas-4Outdoors parties are also great, especially at night, when you can decorate the space with some lanterns or LIGHTS to simulate a Hawaiian party or simply a normal one with that special detail.

home-party-ideas-53A great idea for a lego themed party. An easy and fancy idea for snacks. A garden party inspired in fairy tales, to give it a touch of magic



good-party-ideas-3These pop corn BOX with candy for your guests kids. A romantic and beautiful idea for a garden party If you liked this post please keep visiting our page and share these pictures with you friends on your social media to have great parties

Home party ideas

Parties at home are great, you know the space and so you can take advantage of that, making it simple but fun without a big effort. With these awesome home party ideas you will simply nail it.


home-party-ideas-12A celebration depends on your type of friends and the things you like. You can adapt a zone of your house to have some twister games with friends or to create a makeshift dancefloor with someLIGHTS.

good-party-ideasA cool home party idea too is to have a cinema at home, with popcorn and cotton candy machines, at the end it doesn’t matter what you choose, the matter is to have fun and a good time with friends. This is a good idea for an outdoor party A cool way to decorate with shots



good-partyHaving a haunted house party is a great idea. Decorate with a lot of candles, skulls and spider webs. This is a cheap and easy way to decorate a wall. Art parties are great for kids, they set free their imagination


House parties don’t have to be complicated or messy and with these great ideas you will be the most amazing host.

Exciting Parties For Teenagers Ideas

Teenagers are difficult when it comes to celebrate their birthdays. That’s why we have prepared these great ideas on Parties for Teenagers. Let’s have fun!


When you are preparing a teen birthday party, details such as the decoration and the presentation of sweets, is something you have to organise from the beginning. The crazier the cake is, the better, since that is what teens love: crazy things, uneven surfaces, open roofs… everything that sticks out and is unconventional.


Parties-for-Teenagers-sweetsForget about princess-like colours, such as pink, fuccia and lilac or violet. Now your girl has grown up and she seeks dark and striking combinations, such as black and pink!



Parties-for-Teenagers-swimming-poolIf you want to make a teenager happy, never fail to give her a swimming pool party with her girlfriends! The atmosphere you create at the beginning of the party will define the imprint the party will later have.


Birthday-Party-Girls-floorsStart preparing your party right now! It takes its time to organise and book everything, but believe me, it really worths it!

Birthday Party Girls

Are you worried because you don’t know how to choose a fantastic cake for Birthday Party Girls? The only thing you need to do is to follow our advice on what elements to look for in such a delicious edible.



Birthday-Party-Girls-fairiesDecoration is one of the most IMPORTANT aspect when choosing a Birthday Cake, since it appeals one of your most IMPORTANT senses: the sight. But, the question that arises now is: is it also appealing for the taste? Let’s find it out!




Birthday-Party-GirlsTo know if the cake is really worth, you have to ask for a sponge cake. How to find this out under all this sugar? Very easy! Just ask the cook for a sample… Another idea your girl will love is if you put some fantasy feathers on her cake’s base.


Beneath all this delicious and very colourful frosting, there is the most amazing filling your palate will have ever tried. Finally,  unlevel cake will turn your girl’s world upside down! If you want the perfect cake, don’t forget to ask for a free sample… of each of them!

Celebrate a Birthday Party 3 Year Old

Any Birthday Party 3 Year Old kids is meant to be a celebration moment. Besides, kids of that age centre their attention on colours and sound, so those two elements have to be present everywhere at the party! Are you ready for a loud celebration?


A great idea to celebrate a kid’s party is to hang paper balls and pennants from the ceiling. They will give you a special energy to the place! When we mean colours, this is what we mean. Don’t worry about colour matching and harmony! Kids don’t pay attention to that but to the fact that colours are there.




Another thing toddlers love are faces! Put faces everywhere: on the cups, on the plates, on the walls, even on the tablecloths!




A striking environment is what they will most appreciate. Don’t only decorate they elements, but also do so with the food. Coloured cup cakes are going to be their delight!



Classical cartoon characters are in high demand when talking about enhancing the atmosphere of any children birthday party! Prepare your big celebration with some of these big ideas!

 Black Girls Party

Black girls enjoy parties in the same way as everybody else does. However, we have prepared these fantastic Black Girls Party ideas especially for these girls, who have a special culture and an even more peculiar way of seeing the world.




Black girls are dance lover who also perform any dance style brilliantly. A good idea may be to hire a live performance carried out by young black ladies. Let her wear what she wants, but control alcohol is not included in her drink!



A black girl’s make up has to be something special: red lips, black eyes, MASCARA and some blush. The idea is to highlight facial features.



Regarding music, what can be better than a black female DJ to grasp that feeling only black people can have.


If your daughter is having a birthday party at her friend’s house, let her choose her CLOTHES, no matter what you think about them.

Birthday-Party-3-Year-OldAs you can see, very different, even opposite styles are seen among black girls who are celebrating their birthday. Being black is not a matter of Biology, is a matter of culture.

Really Charming Ideas For Girls Party

Is your little princess about to celebrate one year more? Here we are to help you get the most amazing and cutest Ideas for Girls Party. Share with us this unforgettable experience!


Little girls often find their identity by looking the same as their friends and classmates. Do you want a piece of advice? Make sure she has the same DRESS as the other girls at the party, and she will definitely feel very happy.



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Houston-to-look-gorgeousThe best idea for a dance party is that every girl can wear their special ballet SUIT and feel unique in this world.


Ideas-for-Girls-Party-to-make-her-happyCostumes, presents and a story teller is everything your girls need to feel fine and protected. So, start moving your LIVING ROOM FURNITURE and be prepared to receive a legion of kids around you.



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Houston-mainFood is very IMPORTANT for the celebration. The more the colour you add to the party, the more eager to please that your girl will be. Finally, make sure there is a space for the ‘ladies’ to have their tea. There are millions of ideas to give your little girl the best party ever!

Dresses for fifteen

Texas has a great variety in dresses for fifteen-year-old, so let’s surf the net together to find the most amazing Quinceanera DRESSES in Houston and feel free to choose the most suitable for you!


Ideal and perfect for girls who dare to be naive, which is a choice that not many girls are brave enough to take. Electric blue combined with lavender… just speechless!




Ideas-for-Girls-Party-to-disguiseThe airs of a princess to you on your birthday celebration day… just too much beauty! This threesome is ready to be chosen! Which one do you think will provoke more smiles on your friends’ faces?



Ideas-for-Girls-Party-mainYellow is the colour of the fire, so you will have all the energy of that strong and incredible element of the earth.


Tell me the truth: who would dare not invite this classical beauty to dance a waltz. Don’t think that because of using classical resources, you will be outdated, quite the contrary! Celebrate your party with a big surprise to your friends and family: a gorgeous DRESS!

Organize A Party For A 3 Year Old Boy

Are you organizing a birthday Party for 3 Year Old boy or girl? Don’t you have ideas to support such a situation? Well, we do! That’s the good news! So stay with us and start taking notes about these incredible options.


If you really want your child to remember his or her birthday party forever, include games! Games are the most fantastic ideas for kids to celebrate their big day in a big way!



Party-for-3-Year-Old-to-playWhen your aim is to be original, the best thing you can do is to decide for a unique birthday cake! A fire brigade lorry is something every boy dreams about… and every day!



Party-for-3-Year-Old-mainNowadays there are plenty of places professionally dedicated to print birthday cards invitations, but, have you ever seen a hand made one? And if it is made by the birthday kid, it is even more beautiful and full of love!


Party-for-3-Year-Old-to-eat-a-delicious-cakeA painted face is the symbol of a happy child. All motives can lay on their beautiful and cute faces. A swimming pool may become a ball swimming area. Dare to this big step and you will also have fun with all the children.

Birthday Party Ideas Girls

Are you squeezing your brain in the search of Birthday Party Ideas Girls? Well, we have good news for you! We have collected the best ideas for you to think about and put them into practice! Have a look…



Birthday-Party-Ideas-Girls-to-have-tea-indoorsHaving an outdoor tea party is what little girls… and not so little, love. One of the most IMPORTANT things for it are the clothes.




Birthday-Party-Ideas-Girls-mainSomething that no girl in the world will resist the temptation of having at her party are the pink sweets. Find a design she likes and go ahead! Another great option is to have a picnic on the grass. What can be more natural and appealing for them


Some girls don’t like looking like girls but like adults. Wouldn’t you say ‘yes’ only for that very special day? Ask your girl which of these ideas appeals her most!

Beautiful Ideas For 15th Birthday Party

Are you looking for Ideas for 15th Birthday Party to share with you teenage daughter? Here you will find plenty and, what is more important, the best ones! Themes are something very important teenagers love because of feeling identified with them. Help her choose one to enhance her identity.


It’s time to understand that all the beautiful pink colours your little girl used to love, have become now in black and fuccia. Why is that? Simply because she has grown up and her tastes have changed! Assuming this is a piece of cake.



Ideas-for-15th-Birthday-Party-mainCan you imagine all this in only one party? I do! What’s my favourite? The uneven cake! What’s your daughter’s favourite?



Ideas-for-15th-Birthday-Party-to-amazeWhat about a tour around the world? If you can’t afford such a luxury, you will surely can afford this fantastic cake that will make your girl travel without even moving from her awesome party!


Ideas-Birthday-Party-to-invite-the-MinionsThese table centers are the best you can imagine! Flowers trapped inside a glass cup… a dream come true. Incredible ideas make incredible parties. Don’t forget that!

Choose a cake 

What is the most IMPORTANTthing in your life? Your kids, of course! So, what can be better than preparing an unmatched party for them? Have a look at these ideas and options and call your kid to see them… you will see shine in your child’s eyes!




Ideas-Birthday-Party-to-be-originalThe main character of the party has to be definitely the birthday cake. If that is ok, everything will run over wheels! Choose a cake that is not only appealing, but that it also is delicious!


The sweetTABLE has to be the corner no one can stop looking at. Prepare it with plenty of colours and make it a beautiful place to eat.



Ideas-Birthday-Party-for-toddlersSomething very, very IMPORTANT when celebrating a birthday is the scenography. Find one that appeals your kid and his or her friends. If you can ask your child to help you to cut up different figures and elements, he or she will feel much more involved in the whole situation of the party.


Being all together and have photos taken smiling and laughing is something kids really love. If the minions are invited, there’s nothing else that can be said.

Funny Carnival Birthday Party

Children’s parties must contain a lot of fun to meet the expectations of the guests, a theme that the guests would enjoy is undoubtedlycarnival birthday party, usually tends to be a little irreverent but it comes to innovation in the decoration of a birthday and in the different stations containing fun party for your guests, balloons, costumes, very colorful, carnival music, definitely a great trip.



This may be 3rd birthday party ideas because children in this age want to dress as their favorite super hero or idol is certainly a different way to what used to be able to amuse and entertain party guests, which is why you should be chosen birthday party venuescorrectly to apply strategies to accommodate fun and different strategies.




images-to-first-birthdayThis is generally uncommon, since people tend to a family atmosphere without any particular topic; it is therefore necessary guidance in a way to offer a good show.




images-of-party-birthdayIf you like, I invite you to share this gift with your family or friends, if you have comments, make it known and we will answer, God bless you

First birthday party themes 

The first birthday should become the best memories for parents of baby who are celebrating their first year of life, to do a good organization, a good cake, dynamic for adults who are invited, it is necessary games for children, in short, must be clear first birthday party themes so we can make a great celebration that remains in the memory of guests.





download-carnival-birthday-partyOrganize ideas from parents is a great way to make good family, themed events like carnival birthday party are good fun for these organizations, also parties princes and princesses and somehow becomes something fun and unique for depending on your baby fun and family recognition as an extraordinary party.




card-to-cake-of-birhtday-carnivalOver time, they should be collecting ideas for future celebrations, so if they hire a decorator can give 3rd birthday party ideas and they will organize ideas for future easier to decide on a specific topic for the party.


If you like, I invite you to share this gift with your family or friends, if you have comments, make it known and we will answer, God bless you