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Feel The Power Of Enlightenment With These Storm Images And Amazing Rainbows

Today we’re bringing a shocking topic, a topic of the power of nature, one of the most beautiful and dangerous shows, we’re talking about thunderstorms. Thunders are singular acts of nature with tremendous power, even a single thunder is powerful enough to fry almost everything, so that’s why when you’re facing a thunderstorm you have to be most careful, remember that thunders can impact on people and in certain occasions it can mean death for that person. So lets’take a look at some images of thunderstorm.

Here we can see a thunder impacting a tree, of course the force of the thunder is enough to not only break it but set it on fire as well, that’s how powerful a thunder is.precious-giant-rainbow



thunderstorm-picturesThis is the definition of a thunderstorm, you can see all those discharges of electricity in the atmosphere, it’s a pretty show of light that’s for sure.

There’s certain hot spots in the world where lighting ocurre more frequently for example, there’s a lake in Venezuela where lighting strikes almost the entire year.

Of course these lighting storms can appear everywhere, not just in the water as you can see in this picture but they can originate in any place where the elements combine to do so.


part-of-a-rainbow-As we said earlier, here’s a perfect example of it, a thunderstorm occurring in a residencial area, when a thunderstorm alert is triggered you have to be very careful and take shelter as quickly as you can. Do you like thunder? even though it may be dangerous, you have to admit its pretty cool as well.

 Images Of Amazing Rainbows To Look Out 


images-of-a-thunderstormThere is a single universal truth in this universe, rainbows are pretty sweet, all those colors can be something really beautiful to look at.

how long has it been since you saw your last rainbow? if it’s been more than two weeks then here you have some Images Of Amazing Rainbows To Look Out so you can satisfy your need for rainbows at least for a bit.

Okay people here we have two amazing double rainbows you get twice the color for half the price, is a pretty great deal if you think about it for a second, so yeah, why don’t you share these images with your friends if they don’t believe in double rainbows?Images-Of-Amazing-Rainbows-To-Look-Out-

amazing-double-rainbowJust a small piece of a rainbow or a whole one, images that have beauty in two different ways, just like human beings, we are all beautiful and we all deserve to be admired and loved for what we really are, thing about it, inside of us we are all rainbows.

embrace your differences, because they are what makes you special and unique, and without them, so enjoy being like a talking walking rainbow because that is what you are my dear friend.

  • have fun
  • be happy
  • smile and make others smile
  • enjoy life
  • you are a special rainbow
  • and you are going to find love, trust me.