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Feeling Surprised By The Amazing Tourist Sites Of Paris & London

In this article, you will have the chance of looking and knowing the best places to do the most incredible sightseeing of London. Either on your own, with friends or with your spouse, this emblematic, historic and cosmopolitan city is waiting for your visit! This is how you can best take a tour to know every little corner of London: by bus. This bus is more a symbol than a bus!

This is the typical example of people becoming part of the environment. These three guards are so emblematic that when we see them, the first thing we can think of is ‘London’



Sightseeing-of-London-to-have-a-photo-takenThere are some places in which you cannot missed being photographed at! That is the case of the phone cabin, the bright red place to talk on the phone! The London Big Eye is the place to have fun! Dare to ride it and you will see what a real tour is like!


Sightseeing-of-London-mainBig Ben is one of British symbols of culture. Just have a look at it and feel a cultural person! London is one of the most attractive cities in the world… just go there!

Touristic Places in Paris and London. 

Paris, the city of lights and love is ready to receive you with its croissants and coffee with milk, everything in Paris looks and tastes better, so we invite you to discover the most amazing Touristic Places in Paris.



Touristic-Places-in-Paris-to-fall-in-love-The mythic Champs Elysees are the perfect place to walk, feel the scent of the flowers and allow yourself to fall in love… with Paris!

If you are an Art lover, Mont Martre is a small area on the city top, where you are able to appreciate the best artistic works ever! And also buy them… of course! The prices are really affordable.

The emblematic symbol of Paris is definitely the Eiffel Tower, from where you can see the whole city.


Touristic-Places-in-Paris-main-Who said it is impossible to taste a delicious coffee with milk along with an incredible French edible in the street when it’s cold? The fact is that cafés in Paris have heaters disguised as sunshades! Interesting… isn’t it?

Finally, if you are a beauty lover, the Moulin Rouge is the place for you! There you will watch the most beautiful women giving a show only for you!