Professional Stock Photography Tips

Are you planning to start a business selling photos? So, don’t miss our best Stock Photography Tips to take your entrepreneurship to the sky! First of all, let’s start by the beginning: your step number one will be upload your photos to an agency, so that they are available for everybody to purchase them.


How much money can you expect to get per photo? It will depend on the agency, but the normal rate goes between 25 cents and 5 dollars.



Stock-Photography-Tips-tigerThere are two ways of selling photographs on the net. The first one is through your own website or through big agencies and it’s called stock



Stock-Photography-TipsThe second way is called microstock and is carried out through to the subscription to small agencies.

Stock-Photography-Tips-danceWho will your buyers be? Mostly Publicity Agencies and Magazine Publishers, who will be willing to pay a good amount for republishing your photo. It is possible to earn more than a hundred dollars for a single picture if you know how to sell it.

Food Stock Photography 

The most delicious food is now available to be delivered through the best system of Food Stock Photography so as you can use it for your blog or even for your personal recipes.


Stock-Photography-Tips-dogSo IMPORTANT is food that a wise man once said: ‘You are what you eat.’ So, in this case, you’re very colourful, imaginative and varied!


Food-Stock-Photography-panWhat a dish! is this beef lasagna just taken out of the oven and directly to the TABLE. Has everybodoy washed their hands?



Food-Stock-Photography-fruit-and-vegetablesTypical dished based on eggs, butter and milk may not be precisely healthy… but they areincredible edibles!


Food-Stock-PhotographyFrom the sea to your table! Seafood is known for being so healthy that doctor recommend it to control your cholesterol. A smart vegetable dish for a smart Indian TABLE. Can you feel the smell? All the spices are there to make the perfect dish!

Bon Apetite with these fantastic dishes prepared especially for you! Shall we go to the table right now? I can’t wait, can you?

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