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We commonly associate Haut Couture with CLOTHES that are impossible to wear. However, through this Picture Stock you’ll realise that that’s only a myth.

As elegant as a queen, this enthralling neckline has been designed for young, daring women who want to mark their presence wherever they go.



Picture-Stock-Street-ClothesHaut Couture can perfectly be a synonym of urban CLOTHES. This is what this picture shows:TROUSERS, mini skirt, tights, amazing jackets and trendy bags… just part of what this way of creating fashion has for you.


clothing-images-sporty-lookAn excited JEAN Paul Gautier greets his model after an incredible fashion parade. This butterfly style can brighten up any party.


Picture-StockWhen it comes the time of looking incredibly sexy, a long loose strapless dark green DRESS is the perfect companion for a special night, either at a party or at a cocktail.

Picture-Stock-GaultierSmart, classical, but not because of this lacking the capacity to impact, a tight red DRESS up to the floor is something a woman can’t avoid having in her wardrobe. As you may have seen, Haut Couture has many garments to offer the contemporary woman.

Clothing images

Finding your style is something that takes a lot of energy and investigation. In these clothing images you’ll find ideas to feel yourself when walking along the most crowded avenues of your city.


Picture-Stock-GreenThese three casual and simple styles all have a detail that make them unique: the red bag, the sexy sandals and the silky blue bag, the HIGH HEELS with the semi-transparent top… just beautiful.


clothing-images-sexy-young-girlLads also need to find their personality through their garments. Black short jackets with torn JEANS or a totally black outfit with an animal pattern T-Shirt… strong and sexy as you.



clothing-images-hip-hopWhat about wearing dance casual CLOTHES to do your daily activities? Only suitable for very young people whose routine doesn’t require formality. Just dare!


Clothing-imagesIdeal for all ages, a cat-suit style covered by a long light cardigan and ordinary boots is what SUITS every woman who loves mixing sensuality with elegance.

Similar to a football player TSHIRT, this gorgeous colourful SHORTdress will make all heads turn as you pass by. Remember: sexy sandals can’t be absent from this style. Enjoy yourself as you feel your clothes as a second skin.

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