Gorgeous Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are one of the most IMPORTANT representations of a woman’s life, she has to be not only in love with the man she is marring, but with her dress too, and it has to be a love at first sight. In this post you will see the loveliest Vera Wang wedding dress.

Vera Wang is an American designer, from a Chinese family, that became famous by her wedding dresses collections. Every single woman that knows about fashion and knows who Vera is dreams about using a DRESS made by her on this special day. Here you can see some of the most beautiful:


VeraVolume and waves are the two words that describe better this amazing piece Seems like this one came out from a royalty’s member’s closet. Bold and dark, it will make all the attention be on this one.



Vera-Wang-wedding-dress designsGirly, sweet and romantic. It doesn not make such a contrast with the traditional white. Contrasting and full of texture, I am sure that nobody will forget this DRESS.

Vera-Wang-wedding-dressIf you haven’t make the idea of what to use yet you can keep WATCHING our other posts, you will find more wedding dress pictures that you will surely love

Cheap cocktail dresses

Cocktail is one of the most difficult of understanding dress codes for women, is it long or short? Is it bright or not? Well, all you have to know is that you can show more your skin than in formal dress codes and that DRESSES have to be short (upper than the knee). If you want to see what it is all about cheap cocktail dresses keep reading.


cheap-cocktail-dresses stylesThere are a lot of online options to buy cheap dresses, but you have to be sure which on to buy. You have to choose a versatile one that allows you to play with different colors and looks so, if you want to use it more than just one time you can be discreet and no one will notice.


cheap-cocktail-dresses images

cheap-cocktailWhite and gold with glitter all over the TOP. Nice and simple.  The braides effect in the TOP part is what makes this one unique and fantastic. Feathers and volume give a glam touch to this one


Classic, even a little bit vintage. Ideal for a theme party. Simple and dark, but still very beautiful. Share this page with you girl friends so they can download these pretty dresses pictures too

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