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Saving money is an offer no one can refuse, so get ready to find amazing pictures for free with the recommendations we have for you.

Do you know why bloggers use so many sources to find the best images for their blogs? Because an image worths a thousand words. Isn’t it that what happens to you when you look at this picture?



Raw-Images-Download-faceThat’s why many times we face the question about how to find royalty free pictures for my blog. Something that can answer that question are the tutorial videos. They are very explanatory and you will be able to WATCH how to do it.



Raw-Images-Download-tigerSearch on stock.xchng! A page that offers a great variety of good quality images for free. One of the advantages of that page is that is gives you the possibility of searching by categories or using the search feature.

Download-Images-Free-eyeDon’t waste your money on images you can get for free! Use our tips and start downloading now.

Raw Image Download

Pictures which haven’t been edited yet have lot of advantages, we’re talking about the Raw Image Download, a way of getting pictures that you won’t want to leave.


Raw-Images-Download-waterEven though the negative can’t be used as an image itself, it does contain all the information you need to create an image.


Download-Images-Free-butterflies Download-Images-Free-treeAc it happens with a photographic negative, a raw digital image has a dynamic range which is wider, at the same time as it preserves the majority of the information that was captured when taking the image.




Dowload-Images-FreeRegarding the format of raw images, they can be similar or quite different. What do they depend on? On the manufacturers. What is a raw image intended to capture? The answer is the physical information of the LIGHT intensity and colour of the scene.


What’s that supposed to mean? That they save as much data coming from the sensor, trying to avoid losing any small detail. A new GENERATION in pictures is emerging. Are you ready?

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