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There are plenty of options in Image Site, but if you work with pictures, you have to learn how to find your favourite site and how to deal with it.


When you find a site for images and photos you like, save it in your favorites TOOL bar. This will help you to have it in a handy place when you need it.



Photography-Image-treesA fact you have to take into account when you choose a site, is if it has a good deal of the types of pictures you need. Make a general search with the topic you need and see the variety.




Photography-Image-capQuality is very IMPORTANT if you are working with pictures. So check the image resolution and the pixels to verify if the site has pictues the quality you need. If you work with images and your budget is low, check the site has free images to download.


Best high quality photos

Explore the site in detail before marking it as your favourite. Maybe there are other more useful ones for you to choose from. Make the most of your work with the best high quality photos!

How can I get better photos? Is the question photographers most receive from their customers and even from ordinary people in the street. The secret lays in the following pieces of advice.


Photography-Image-catsGet closer! When you see that your pictures are not good enough, it’s because you’re not close enough. What do you have to do, then? Jus to take a couple of steps forwar to get into the action of what you want to capture.


Images-Site-danceIdentify the moment. Some photos are not planned, they don’t have people posing for it or objects displayed in a particular way, so you have to identify the moment in which something different is taking place and… shoot!




Images-SiteFind the best angle. Either with people or things, but specially with the former, the angle is essential. Find the best place from where someone looks good and register it!


Find the best moment of the day. This tip is ideal for landscapes, on which the sunlight changes the colours of the vegetation and leaves depending on the moment of the day. Make use of black and white. If you think this combination refers to de ’20s… you’re wrong!

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