Celebrate Your Child´s First Year

Your child is turning ages for the first time and it is very IMPORTANT for you to know he or she is going to have a great time and right here you are going to find some original ideas that will guarantee it.

You have to keep in mind that your child still doesn’t know very well how to play with other kinds and maybe it is better to make a small party with family and friends in which you don’t have to spend too much.






in fact, your kid actually will not remember that day, it is a party for the older who celebrate the accomplishment of your child’s first year. Decorating with pictures of the whole year is a very sweet idea.

Kids birthday party themes

Your children’s party is coming and you maybe have many ideas in your mind and you don’t know which to choose or simply you have no ideas at all. In here you will see the easiest, cheap and the same time great kids birthday party themes.


The idea is that your kids and their friends enjoy the party as much as possible with simple and funny games.





Art, circus, movies and safari themed parties will make their imagination fly, and you don’t really need too many supplies, just a little bit of creativity.

Crafts will keep children busy and focused in a specific area of the house while you can make other things.

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