Celebrate a Birthday Party 3 Year Old

Any Birthday Party 3 Year Old kids is meant to be a celebration moment. Besides, kids of that age centre their attention on colours and sound, so those two elements have to be present everywhere at the party! Are you ready for a loud celebration?


A great idea to celebrate a kid’s party is to hang paper balls and pennants from the ceiling. They will give you a special energy to the place! When we mean colours, this is what we mean. Don’t worry about colour matching and harmony! Kids don’t pay attention to that but to the fact that colours are there.




Another thing toddlers love are faces! Put faces everywhere: on the cups, on the plates, on the walls, even on the tablecloths!




A striking environment is what they will most appreciate. Don’t only decorate they elements, but also do so with the food. Coloured cup cakes are going to be their delight!



Classical cartoon characters are in high demand when talking about enhancing the atmosphere of any children birthday party! Prepare your big celebration with some of these big ideas!

 Black Girls Party

Black girls enjoy parties in the same way as everybody else does. However, we have prepared these fantastic Black Girls Party ideas especially for these girls, who have a special culture and an even more peculiar way of seeing the world.




Black girls are dance lover who also perform any dance style brilliantly. A good idea may be to hire a live performance carried out by young black ladies. Let her wear what she wants, but control alcohol is not included in her drink!



A black girl’s make up has to be something special: red lips, black eyes, MASCARA and some blush. The idea is to highlight facial features.



Regarding music, what can be better than a black female DJ to grasp that feeling only black people can have.


If your daughter is having a birthday party at her friend’s house, let her choose her CLOTHES, no matter what you think about them.

Birthday-Party-3-Year-OldAs you can see, very different, even opposite styles are seen among black girls who are celebrating their birthday. Being black is not a matter of Biology, is a matter of culture.

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