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Know The Quinceanera Dresses Prices

Quinceanera DRESSES, like any other dresses, are not particularly cheap, since dress makers and specialized shops take advantage of the fact that it is your special night and that your parents are willing to spend whatever money on them. Now, you will know the average Quinceanera Dresses Prices and how you can raise money to help buy it.


A good fifteenth birthday party dress has to have ruffles a good neckline and a tight corset for your waist. This amazing group of dressing elements make the dress cost between 500 and 1.200 dollars. But don’t desperate!



Quinceanera-Dresses-Online-sky-blueThere are ways of saving and raising money that will definitely help you to reach the amount of money you need. Discover them with us!

Quinceanera-Dresses-PricesWhat about making some cake and sell it among your mum’s friends? Have you got a gift? If you happen to be good with handcrafts, you can make them and sell them in a garage sale.


Quinceanera-Dresses-Prices-brownWhen your mum or grandma gather with their friends to have tea, your can preparea a catering service… and charge money! Finally, there will always be room inside a nice plump pig for your pocket money.

Quinceanera DRESSES Online

From the comfort and coziness that only your home can provide you, choose your Quinceanera DRESSES Online. Once you have done so, you can either click and buy it, or if you are looking for a cheaper option, just call your dress maker to have it done in some days…



Quinceanera-Dresses-Online-MexicanOne of the advantages of choosing your fifteenth birthday DRESS is that you will be able to spend that time you have saved, making many other things related to the party which we will tell you below:




Quinceanera-Dresses-OnlineWith the time you have saved, you can make a detailed guests list, so anyone will be forgotten. Help your parents, specially your mum, with the theme of the party. As a matter of fact, it is your party, so you are the one who must like the theme and therefore, choose it!


Have a delicious afternoon tasting all catering services to choose the one you like the best! Go to a spa to beautify you skin, your face and your hair! This is just a small part of what you will be able to do if you choose your dress online.

Wonderful Western Quinceanera Dresses

Do you think Western Quinceanera Dresses are boring and dull? That they offer more of the same thing? If that’s the case, just follow us through this short, but fruitful trip through the perfect dress!


For the most daredevil young ladies, the western culture has tight DRESSES in dark colours to leave it clear who is becoming an adult so fast!


Western-Quinceanera-Dresses-ochreOf course there is always a place for classical naive DRESSES to contrast with the most impressive ones. If you are the shy and candid type, there is an ivory dress waiting for you.



Western-Quinceanera-Dresses-blueWestern designers put a lot of emphasis on colours, they tend to prefer striking ones that show the difference. A princess-like DRESS is a kind of design that will always be fashionable. The detail consists in this case in making it a strapless beautiful garment.


Western-Quinceanera-Dresses-fluoNever underestimage big puffys! They are so cute that your party will be always remembered because of the design you have chosen! Find the dress that best SUITS you and have it made for you!

House of Wu Quinceanera DRESSES 

When we think about prestige, House of Wu Quinceanera DRESSES comes to our mind. This is a store which has been on the market for more than 20 years and it carries 14 designer labels. Discover how this house works for you.

Every niche of the market is covered by each of the designers that work for this house which not only does sell DRESSES for quinceaneras, but also does it for brides, mother of the bride, prom and pageant.




House-of-Wu-Quinceanera-Dresses-masqueradeEach of the collecion has a specific style as a target and the designers focus on the design. fit and affordability. It is very difficult to find the creativity and exclusiveness the House of Wu offers. Each client is treated as what she actually is, a unique person in the world.



Pretty-Quinceanera-Dresses-greenSo, each body type is considered so as the design not only matches with the girl’s skin colour, but also with her built.


The House of Wu also gives a lot of emphasis to the colour. That is why you can find from the most striking to the most naive colour. Come to visit this store and find what you have been looking for!

Check These Awesome Dresses Designs

This year has come up with designs of every type, either taking the most cutting edge trend and also calling off vintage trends which have been taken again to enlighten the atmosphere of new parties. These  awesome dresses designs  has all the reminiscence of the Belle Epoque, a time to dance Charleston and to be happy.


This design presents a new trend for the classical white. The heart pattern embroidered on the corset not only does it give presence to the DRESS but also it leads to a perspective in the lines of  it.




Big-Quinceanera-Dresses-pinkSince they became FASHIONABLE some time ago, aquamarine fifteen year-old DRESSES have remained as a promise of a new classical colour.


Pretty-Quinceanera-Dresses-2015If there is something you shouldn’t hesitate to do when you are fifteen, that is to shine… never forget to shine.

Pretty-Quinceanera-Dresses-2015-vintageSilky, Shiny and Striking, the three ‘S’ are the new concept in modern DRESSES to celebrate a fifteenth birthday party. These DRESSES are heading for becoming a classic among contemporary teenagers.

Big Quinceanera DRESSES

Do you want to impress everybody wearing Big Quinceanera DRESSES? Here you will find not only the biggest, but also the most beautiful DRESSES for your fifteenth birthday party!

Pretty-Quinceanera-Dresses-2015-whiteThe secret of beautiful big dresses for quinceanera is that you have to make it simple. If you charge it in excess, all the enchantment is going to disappear magically. Would you like that to happen? Of course not!



Big-Quinceanera-Dresses-coralWhat help to make a dress really big are they layers. In this case, for example, the layer at the TOP is brighter and made in a different material from the rest. That makes a very special effect catching the attention to that specific part!



Big-Quinceanera-DressesThe colour is another secret you should bear in mind when choosing a big dress. The best idea is to choose it in a very striking colour!


If you are not particularly slim, big puffy dresses are ideal to dissimulate ‘problem areas’ Has anyone said ‘big’? This is really a big dress with a SILVER detail in the middle… simply breathtaking! These incredible dresses are all ready for you!

Wear Some Quinceanera Turquoise Dresses

If you are planning your fifteenth birthday party, we have something that can be very useful for you… we can tell you all the advantages of Quinceanera Turquoise Dresses. Would you accompany us through this journey?


If you are brunette, a turquoise DRESS is the perfect choice, since it will give you that angelic aire that only pastel colours can give you when your hair, your eyes and your skin are dark.




Purple-Quinceanera-Dress-smileTurquoise is your best choice when you want to make a difference with all the other girls around you. Think for a moment, how many of your girlfriends wore a colour like this to celebrate her fifteenth birthday party?



Quinceanera-Turquoise-Dresses-with-accesoriesThis is the colour of the sky, so you will look like a star, shining everywhere in the deep sky, like the sun itself. If you are having an outdoor party, turquoise is the perfect color to shine under the sun. You will call everybody’s attention! Be prepared…


Above all, this colour is glamorous… its looks like a dream come true if you have some SILVER embroidery done on it!

Purple Quinceanera Dress

Prince, a famous pop singer, was completely aware of the power of purple, that is why he dedicated an entire song to this amazing colour. Do you remember? Purple Rain. Now, it is your time to amaze everyone with your Purple Quinceanera Dress.


Quinceanera-Turquoise-Dresses-with-a-feather-scarfDid you know that in the past violet, or purple, was considered a colour to be worn by nobility and kings? What about being a princess for a night and becoming a dream come true.


Purple-Quinceanera-Dress-happySomething very IMPORTANT with your violet dress is that is has to SUIT with your style. If you are the type of girl who loves having long and loose hair, this vaporous design is definitely for you!



Purple-Quinceanera-DressIf ‘pink is the colour of passion’ according to Aerosmith, what do you think purple is the colour of?

Accesories are a fundamental part of your outfit. When you choose purple for you fifteenth birthday party, wear silver accesories, never golden!If you are looking for a gothic style, what can be better than a dark purple dress? Find your real you through your dress!

Nice Looking White Quinceanera Dress

Sometimes, it is not a matter of colour, but a matter of how to wear that colour. That is exactly what happens with a  White Quinceanera Dress, which many people, specially young girls, may think it is a dull old-fashioned colour. Allow us this space and a couple of minutes to show you how wrong that idea could be.


With a white dress like this one, you will have the opportunity of glitter and shine under a starry sky and becoming one of those sparkling stars yourself!




Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Dallas-tx-with-a-princess-typeA very remarkable advantage o white DRESSES with flowers on your hair is that you will have the possibility of maintaining your naive look until the very day on which your life will start changing for good.



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Dallas-tx-mainAs you can see on this photo, white doesn’t mean dull! Ethereal looks have no better colour to exist than white. If you have any doubts about it… look at this angel! White and pale pink is the combination of princesses… so tempting! Have you already changed your opinion about white?

Quinceanera DRESSES in Dallas tx

Celebrating your fifteenth birthday party in Dallas implies a lot of colour, textures and glamous. Are you ready to be the centre of the night? the spot of attention? In that case, you have nothing else to do than have a look and choose from the following Quinceanera DRESSES in Dallas tx.



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Dallas-tx-for-plump-girlsIf you want a striking DRESS, Dallas is the perfect place to get it. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at these fuccia, orange, turquoise, red and yellow dresses… beautiful as you!



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Dallas-tx-a-beautiful-orange-dressIf your hair is dark, an orange DRESS will make you look like a tropical queen. Take advantege of this and be intelligent when choosing your dress colour. If you happen to be plump, a very big puffy can cover the lines and shapes of your body you don’t want anyone to notice.


Obviously that therd is plenty of room in Dallas for classical DRESSES. A Spanish type is always very welcome for your fifteenth birthday party. There are loads of DRESSES for you! According to your body type and personality, you have to choose yours.

Gorgeous Quinceanera Dresses Designs

Did you know that Quinceanera DRESSES designs have been designed to make girls the queens of the night? Didn’t you? Well, stay with us and have a look at these nine beauties: four girls and five DRESSES…


White can be wonderful! Or do you have any doubts after looking at this original design thought to highlight the quinceanera’s beautiful silhouette?



Quinceanera-Dresses-San-Antono-tx-mainWith the sky on her body, a quinceanera can be the queen, not only of her party, but also of the world! There’s no girl in the world who doesn’t dream with dressing a DRESS like this.


Quinceanera-Dresses-San-Antonio-tx-for-classical-girlsA full of ruffles DRESS is the perfect design to create an effect of an ultra narrow waist. The colour? This amazing pink, of course! To look like a fairy who has just come out from the most fantastic bedtime story, this is the live proof of that!

Quinceanera-Dresses-San-Antonio-tx-for-naive-girlsYou will look like the modern version of the rainbow! This DRESS is ideal to wear at an outdoors party since the sunrays will make marvels on it! Incredible is the word that best defines the San Antonio style.

Magenta Quinceanera DRESSES

If you are looking for a colour that leaves everybody drop-jawed, we definitely recommend wearing one fo the available Magenta Quinceanera DRESSES to highlight your image and your body.

Quinceanera-Dresses-San-Antonio-tx-with-a-big-puffyIf you want to be on all your girlfriends’ walls of the most fashionable social nets on the following morning of your party, the only thing you have to do is to wear a magenta DRESS.




Magenta-Quinceanera-Dresses-to-have-it-madeMagenta is a colour than can be combined with SILVER or golden to have the most amazing embroideries on its corset and skirt. Design your own style with a colourfu lDRESS.


Magenta-Quinceanera-Dresses-mainQueen love magenta, since is a royal colour. Any doubts? Have a look at this amazing puffy and let yourself be persuaded about it!


The colour of passion is ready to make you live a passionate party and be gazed in admiration by that special boy that you have been thinking about so much!. Magenta is perfect to be complemented with a white corset… like this one! Discover how magenta can make you feel… and look!

Watch These Dark Purple Quinceanera Dresses

It is incredible all the advantages that Dark Purple Quinceanera Dresses have to offer to all the girls who are about to be in the middle of their adolescence, a period of changes in which every girl needs to feel absolutely self-confident. Just have a look…


Details in SILVER embroidery with this dark purple DRESSES is what will make you shine on that very special night of your life!




Mermaid-Quinceanera-Dresses-in-purpleGlamorous and sexy is how you need to look and, most IMPORTANTLY, to feel on the day in which your life will change for good.


Mermaid-Quinceanera-Dresses-to-surpriseFor girls who have nothing to hide, the colour of transmutation will leave everything very clear for everybody to see and behold that beautiful young skin.


Mermaid-Quinceanera-Dresses-mainIf you are a mysterious girl, this Gothic style will SUITyou as any other syle on earth. Be ready to surprise, captivate and break hearts! So gorgeous for girls who need to dissimulate their broad shoulders. This colour will change the way you see yourself!

Mermaid Quinceanera Dresses 

If you want to surprise, wear one of the very many Mermaid Quinceanera Dresses available in the FASHION market, and you will see the effect on your body… and in everybody’s eyes!


Dark-Purple-Quinceanera-Dresses-to-have-a-gothic-styleIf you want to look stylized, a tight body in your waist to then start broadening is the answer you have been looking for! This look is really unbelievable and will also prepare you to live the rest of your life.


Dark-Purple-Quinceanera-Dresses-to-amazeIf you want to flirt, your game will be much more believable if you are inside a mermaid DRESS, since it will give you a woman’s image, instead of a girl’s look.


Dark-Purple-Quinceanera-Dresses-for-princessesThese DRESSES will make you look so sexy that no one, not even you, will believe you are a quinceanera!


Choosing a mermaid DRESS is also choosing the right colour… this salmon one is unmissable! When you decide on a mermaid dress, ruffles play such an IMPORTANT part that they can’t be absent! What about theses dresses? Which one is your favourite?

Really Charming Ideas For Girls Party

Is your little princess about to celebrate one year more? Here we are to help you get the most amazing and cutest Ideas for Girls Party. Share with us this unforgettable experience!


Little girls often find their identity by looking the same as their friends and classmates. Do you want a piece of advice? Make sure she has the same DRESS as the other girls at the party, and she will definitely feel very happy.



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Houston-to-look-gorgeousThe best idea for a dance party is that every girl can wear their special ballet SUIT and feel unique in this world.


Ideas-for-Girls-Party-to-make-her-happyCostumes, presents and a story teller is everything your girls need to feel fine and protected. So, start moving your LIVING ROOM FURNITURE and be prepared to receive a legion of kids around you.



Quinceanera-Dresses-in-Houston-mainFood is very IMPORTANT for the celebration. The more the colour you add to the party, the more eager to please that your girl will be. Finally, make sure there is a space for the ‘ladies’ to have their tea. There are millions of ideas to give your little girl the best party ever!

Dresses for fifteen

Texas has a great variety in dresses for fifteen-year-old, so let’s surf the net together to find the most amazing Quinceanera DRESSES in Houston and feel free to choose the most suitable for you!


Ideal and perfect for girls who dare to be naive, which is a choice that not many girls are brave enough to take. Electric blue combined with lavender… just speechless!




Ideas-for-Girls-Party-to-disguiseThe airs of a princess to you on your birthday celebration day… just too much beauty! This threesome is ready to be chosen! Which one do you think will provoke more smiles on your friends’ faces?



Ideas-for-Girls-Party-mainYellow is the colour of the fire, so you will have all the energy of that strong and incredible element of the earth.


Tell me the truth: who would dare not invite this classical beauty to dance a waltz. Don’t think that because of using classical resources, you will be outdated, quite the contrary! Celebrate your party with a big surprise to your friends and family: a gorgeous DRESS!

Organize A Party For A 3 Year Old Boy

Are you organizing a birthday Party for 3 Year Old boy or girl? Don’t you have ideas to support such a situation? Well, we do! That’s the good news! So stay with us and start taking notes about these incredible options.


If you really want your child to remember his or her birthday party forever, include games! Games are the most fantastic ideas for kids to celebrate their big day in a big way!



Party-for-3-Year-Old-to-playWhen your aim is to be original, the best thing you can do is to decide for a unique birthday cake! A fire brigade lorry is something every boy dreams about… and every day!



Party-for-3-Year-Old-mainNowadays there are plenty of places professionally dedicated to print birthday cards invitations, but, have you ever seen a hand made one? And if it is made by the birthday kid, it is even more beautiful and full of love!


Party-for-3-Year-Old-to-eat-a-delicious-cakeA painted face is the symbol of a happy child. All motives can lay on their beautiful and cute faces. A swimming pool may become a ball swimming area. Dare to this big step and you will also have fun with all the children.

Birthday Party Ideas Girls

Are you squeezing your brain in the search of Birthday Party Ideas Girls? Well, we have good news for you! We have collected the best ideas for you to think about and put them into practice! Have a look…



Birthday-Party-Ideas-Girls-to-have-tea-indoorsHaving an outdoor tea party is what little girls… and not so little, love. One of the most IMPORTANT things for it are the clothes.




Birthday-Party-Ideas-Girls-mainSomething that no girl in the world will resist the temptation of having at her party are the pink sweets. Find a design she likes and go ahead! Another great option is to have a picnic on the grass. What can be more natural and appealing for them


Some girls don’t like looking like girls but like adults. Wouldn’t you say ‘yes’ only for that very special day? Ask your girl which of these ideas appeals her most!

Beautiful Ideas For 15th Birthday Party

Are you looking for Ideas for 15th Birthday Party to share with you teenage daughter? Here you will find plenty and, what is more important, the best ones! Themes are something very important teenagers love because of feeling identified with them. Help her choose one to enhance her identity.


It’s time to understand that all the beautiful pink colours your little girl used to love, have become now in black and fuccia. Why is that? Simply because she has grown up and her tastes have changed! Assuming this is a piece of cake.



Ideas-for-15th-Birthday-Party-mainCan you imagine all this in only one party? I do! What’s my favourite? The uneven cake! What’s your daughter’s favourite?



Ideas-for-15th-Birthday-Party-to-amazeWhat about a tour around the world? If you can’t afford such a luxury, you will surely can afford this fantastic cake that will make your girl travel without even moving from her awesome party!


Ideas-Birthday-Party-to-invite-the-MinionsThese table centers are the best you can imagine! Flowers trapped inside a glass cup… a dream come true. Incredible ideas make incredible parties. Don’t forget that!

Choose a cake 

What is the most IMPORTANTthing in your life? Your kids, of course! So, what can be better than preparing an unmatched party for them? Have a look at these ideas and options and call your kid to see them… you will see shine in your child’s eyes!




Ideas-Birthday-Party-to-be-originalThe main character of the party has to be definitely the birthday cake. If that is ok, everything will run over wheels! Choose a cake that is not only appealing, but that it also is delicious!


The sweetTABLE has to be the corner no one can stop looking at. Prepare it with plenty of colours and make it a beautiful place to eat.



Ideas-Birthday-Party-for-toddlersSomething very, very IMPORTANT when celebrating a birthday is the scenography. Find one that appeals your kid and his or her friends. If you can ask your child to help you to cut up different figures and elements, he or she will feel much more involved in the whole situation of the party.


Being all together and have photos taken smiling and laughing is something kids really love. If the minions are invited, there’s nothing else that can be said.